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Luxury home accessories

Supermatique has a wide range of home accessories for every home! The range includes decorative cushions, candles and candlesticks, wall decorations and vases. Enjoy beautiful statement items to completely brighten up your living room. Bring some color into your life with our luxurious home accessories.

Design home accessories

Want to add some character and personality to your home? Whether you're looking for soft pillows, beautiful wall art, or trendy vases, there are countless home accessories available that can help you achieve the look you want. From glamorous gold accents that make your room sparkle, to industrial home accessories that give a tough, edgy feel, there's no shortage of options when it comes to decorating your home.

Special home accessories

Furnishing a home often starts with choosing the wall paint and large furniture, but the real fun work starts with the home accessories. You can fully enjoy the most unique decoration. At Supermatique you will find different types of home decoration for the living room, bedroom or perhaps the kitchen. Do you want to brighten up your room, but are you not looking for standard accessories? Feel free to take a look at our range of quirky and unique statement pieces.

Home decoration

There is no shortage of hip and contemporary home decoration at Supermatique! In our collection you will find various items from brands such as: K'Willeminhuis, Serax, Mo Man Tai, Mineheart and Quail Ceramics. These brands are known for their quirky and unique products, of high quality. Completely transform your living room with the most beautiful home decoration. This way every dinner, evening on the couch or Sunday morning breakfast becomes an experience in your own home!

Buy home accessories

Imagine yourself in creative Valhalla in our store in Rotterdam. Supermatique is full of the most extravagant home accessories. In addition to our store, you can always scroll through the webshop until your shopping cart cannot be fuller. Enjoy a webshop for unique items.