Luxury trays

Supermatique offers a beautiful collection of luxurious trays and cutting boards. The stylish trays are ideal for serving small snacks, but are also beautiful as decoration on the wall.


Stylish and luxurious trays give your dining table an extra touch. Surprise your guests with one of the artistic designs from the Ibride brand. The table experience will be taken to the next level and you will let your guests imagine themselves in luxury. Ibride has several contemporary statement trays in its collection. Each of these trays is of excellent quality and strong material. Your guests will be amazed when delicious snacks are served on this tray. The classic shapes and colors of the trays come together with the art of the image. An absolutely unexpected, interesting and surprising combination. The trays are made of pressed laminate, which means that the quality and longevity of this product are excellent.

Black tray

A black tray is very modern and gives your interior a contemporary look. The Ibride trays are not only beautiful for serving dishes, but are also beautiful on the wall as decoration. The trays are supplied with a black screw hook, so that the trays can easily be transformed from a tray to a wall decoration. The photo displayed on the trays features several funny details. The edges of the tray are decoratively cut, making them ideal as interior decoration. Both a mythological painting and a kitchen accessory.

Tray decoration

The trays come in different shapes and sizes. For example, are you looking for a small round tray or a large tray? The Supermatique range offers something for everyone. The Ibride trays are delivered in beautiful packaging. This makes it ideal to give the luxurious trays as gifts. Do you want to enjoy it yourself? Then purchase a tray to provide your guests with delicious dishes or hang one or more on the wall to bring your room to life.