Serax is known for its stylish and affordable design. The company offers a wide choice of tableware , glassware and interior objects that are perfect for any home. Serax was founded by Belgian brothers Serge and Axel van den Bossche in 1987, and has since grown into a leading supplier of stylish and modern home furnishings.

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The use of high-quality materials results in a unique range that is both timeless and beautifully made. Whether you are looking for tableware, lighting or home accessories, Serax has something to suit your style and needs. From modern minimalism to rustic industrial design, there is something for every taste and space at this renowned brand. Serax can be purchased online at Supermatique!  

Robust lamps

The robust lamps in the Serax collection are made of high-quality paper mache. This ensures that every lamp and vase is unique. The design is known for its whimsical, organic shapes and therefore makes every interior a bit cooler. The lamp, which is available in two different sizes, looks beautiful in any room. If you want to make your classic living room a bit more robust or add a new element to an industrial interior, Serax lamps and vases are exactly what you need.

Blue tableware

Want to purchase colorful tableware? In the Serax collection at Supermatique you will find beautiful blue tableware. This tableware, consisting of dishes, plates and bowls, is both artistic and functional. A deep blue, bright color can be found on the tableware in different patterns. With this unique tableware you can surprise your guests during a dinner or enjoy some color on the table every evening.