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Luxury decorative pillows

In the range at Supermatique you will find the most extravagant decorative cushions for your sofa. The bright colors and unique designs of the cushions brighten up your interior and give you the atmosphere you dream of.

Special decorative pillows

Throw pillows are a perfect element in any home and add a luxurious and stylish addition to your living space. Whether you're looking for bright colors, bold patterns, or clean neutrals, there's a throw pillow that's perfect for you. Want to add extra comfort and support to your sofa or just want to give your room an instant makeover, throw pillows are the perfect choice. From soft down-filled pillows to decorative throw pillows, there's something to suit every style and need.

Large decorative cushions

To give your sofa even more life, it is nice to combine several decorative pillows. For example, place a number of large decorative pillows next to some smaller ones. Alternating between colors and formats gives a room depth and atmosphere. Throw pillows are a great way to add both comfort and style to your home. With a variety of colors and interesting patterns, the cushions at Supermatique are easy to use to bring some color and texture to your space.

Sofa cushions

Could your living room also use an extra touch? Then take a look at the collection of decorative cushions from Supermatique. With different designs, colours, sizes and extravagant images, there is always a decorative cushion to your taste! Step 'out of the box' and brighten up the look of your living room with a truly unique cushion.