Special rugs

Give your living room or bedroom a new look with the rugs from Supermatique. The special rugs in the Mineheart range are of high quality. The beautiful designs of the rugs give your room a unique look.

Luxury rugs

In the Supermatique collection you will find different styles of beautiful rugs. The rugs are eccentric and will give any interior a totally new look. The unique rugs give every room a luxurious feeling. Due to the different shapes, sizes and colors you have enough choice to choose the perfect rug for your taste.

Mineheart rugs

The Mineheart rugs definitely make a bold yet superior design statement, adding a cool, modern touch to the floor of any room or open space. The rugs are available in various creative prints. Unique use of color and eccentric prints make the rugs very artistic. Part of the collection can be seen as a fusion between art and the utensil, a rug.

Creative rugs

At Supermatique you will find rugs that make a statement, but are also classic at the same time. Any room that has a rug will feel warmer and more homely. Creative rugs definitely add a quirky yet classic statement to the floor of any room or space. The unique designs in combination with the excellent quality of the Mineheart rugs ensure years of enjoyment.


The rugs in the collection are easy to keep clean, lie flat on the floor, are durable and washable. The beautiful quality of the rugs will last for years. In addition, many of our rugs can be ordered to size and will therefore always fit perfectly in a room.

Find the perfect luxury rug for your room at Supermatique. We offer a nice selection of Mineheart artsy rugs. Art and comfort merged into 1. View our collection of rugs online in our webshop or come and take a look at our store in Rotterdam.