Ibrid tableware

At Ibride, nothing is what it seems. From separate trays to unique tableware, the wide range of Ibride is a feast for the eyes. Bring the animal kingdom into your home with the decorative trays, bowls and tableware sets.


Ibride is a French design house that offers special decorative objects. From the beginning, the company has been able to create unique and poetic objects whose essence lies in nature and the animal world. The decorative vases, bowls and trays, for example, are so special that they add a museum-like style to the room. Ibride products are a true experience and can be recognized at a glance.

Ibrid tableware

The luxury tableware sets from Ibride are made of high quality melamine. Just like with every Ibride article, you will also be amazed at the service. The French designers have combined art and eating utensils, with what looks like a decorative vase. The Yuan set and the Ming sets from Ibride consist of stackable plates, bowls and containers that, when fully stacked, form a vase.

Unique tableware

A tableware set with a glossy top layer is the perfect addition to your dining table. During a family dinner you can surprise your guests! Turn the decorative vase into a complete plate feast in an instant. The unique look of Ibride tableware is a real eye-catcher. Perfect to give as a gift or to treat yourself.