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These special, handmade paperweights are not only functional as a desk accessory, but also beautiful as a design object or to give as a gift. Whether you are looking for a paperweight with a dandelion, rose, thistle, or with another flower or plant, the paperweights of the English brand Hafod Grange are unique, because they are handmade, and each one is beautiful!

The synthetic resin of which these paper-weights are made is UV resistant, and they remain beautiful forever.

At SuperMatique we are fans, and we always have a wide selection of these objects in stock.

Besides the paperweights from England, we also sell special paperweights from South Korea. These glass cloches are handmade by a young designers collective. They are filled with transparent herbarium oil and real plant parts, such as various ferns, mimosa, maple leaves, flowers, and even dandelions. Timeless and beautiful - each and every one of them is a small, magical piece of art!

For both the synthetic resin paper-weights and the glass cloches, we sell small LED lights as coasters, so that these special design objects stand out even better!